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Watertite Roofing BBB Business ReviewWith an A+ rating, the Watertite Roofing - Specialist in Flat Roofing, with over 50 years of experience, lead in the installation, repair, replacement, retrofit, and maintenance of commercial, institutional, and industrial flat roofs. Serving Southern Ontario areas including Hamilton, Mississauga, Burlington, Etobicoke, Niagara Falls, and St. Catharines, we tailor solutions for every flat roofing challenge, focusing on delivering waterproof, durable results that protect buildings, businesses, and properties.

Our team of certified professionals is committed to excellence, using advanced technology and materials to ensure your roof withstands the test of time. We pride ourselves on our integrity, craftsmanship, and outstanding customer service, offering expert advice and comprehensive services for both emergency repairs and full replacements.

Choosing Watertite Roofing - Specialist in Flat Roofing means partnering with specialists who understand the importance of a reliable, leak-free roof. We are dedicated to guiding our customers through the complexities of flat roofing, ensuring satisfaction and long-lasting protection for your investment.

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  • As a custom home builder and renovator we work on many unique projects that require unique products and solutions. We only work with contractors that can provide the level of professionalism, service, and product quality that we demand of ourselves for our clientele. Watertite Roofing is one of those contractors who sets the bar higher for others. Their response time, organization of operations, and delivery on service is rarely paralleled. And they install a durable, well warrantied product that takes a load off our minds. We wouldn't use anyone else.
    David Tucker
  • As the VP on the board of directors for our co-op apartment building in Hamilton for only the last 8 years, I was not involved in the initial decision to purchase a replacement solution for our, now, 60 year old building and therefore cannot comment on time lines involved. However, a few years ago, we felt the need to make sure it was working as it should and had a Watertite manager come to do an appropriate inspection, which resulted in his assurance that all was as it should be, which also gave me the opportunity to get a deeper understanding and appreciation of the Duro-Last product installed by Watertite. Though it is ill advised to walk around the roof in spiked track shoes, there is a fair amount of traffic as a result of regular, seasonal maintenance of our 4 roof drains by service personnel and yet the roof still continues to show no sign of aging. There is an apartment across the street of similar size and vintage that seems to almost annually require people to come and re-apply tar paper and heated tar. By contrast our roof has needed absolutely no maintenance in the 10 years since its installation and we still have another five years on our warranty. I understand this material has a number of installations in excess of 30 years. My understanding of the initial advantages of our purchase decision relate to: - the comparative speed and efficiency of installation due to its pre-engineering and construction in the consistency of a factory environment, -the fact the membrane could be installed over top of existing infrastructure without expensive replacement of valuable materials that continued to serve the building, -that it is safely installed without the use of open flame tools and finally, -as opposed to (sun) heat-absorbing tar paper based installations, the Duro-Last is made of a reflective material which contributes directly to the diminished need for air conditioning compensation. I have zero problems recommending the Watertite's Duro-Last roof replacement or for new building installation.
    Brian Patriquin
  • Watertite did an amazing job with our rooftop terrace installation, very professional and built to last many years. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a solution that is long lasting and low maintenance. Amazing job!
    Glenn Edwards
  • Watertite Roofing is very professional. The quality of their work is outstanding. I would not hesitate to use the them again.
    Greg Olsen
  • Zac and his team have been incredible from our first contact. They were the most reasonably priced of 4 quotes, got the job done quickly when they said they would, have promptly responded to any queries and have came back to support installation of ventwork during renovations. The new roof, trim and eaves troughs look great and we're very happy with the service.
    Amanda Harry
  • We hired Watertite Roofing to repair a leaking flat overhang on the front of our house that had been poorly done by another roofing company about 10 years earlier. Rot had set in and owner Zak Keyes had the solution for a permanent fix. Lead hand Jon took over from there and skillfully directed his crew to undo all the damage, working tirelessly in cold weather to give us a house that looks great and the knowledge that the problems are fixed for good. We highly recommend Watertite Roofing for flat roof construction and repair. Leanne and Pierre – Hamilton Ontario
    Leanne Joanisse
  • Zak at Watertite was fantastic! Called him up to get a quote and was very happy with the responsiveness. The work was completed as promised and in a very professional. Would definitely recommend them for any roofing needs.
    D. B.
  • 5 Stars for commercial flat roofing in Haldimand and Niagara
    Myron Myslowka
  • During a heavy rain event, the roof leaked and one of the tenant was concerned about the leak. I called Watertite Roofing and they were on the roof to patch the leak by end of the same day. In the meantime, they did an assessment of the roof and provided a quotation within days for the replacement of the roof. Once the quotation was approved, Watertite Roofing promptly began to replace the roof the following day. The foreman on site for Watertite Roofing was considerate of intrusion to the businesses and their clients. The site foreman was approachable and made changes requested by the landlord. The work was completed in four days and before the next rainfall. Communication with the head office was always pleasant and frequent updates were provided every several days of work progress by the Operations Manager/Estimator. I was pleased with the quick response and the professional manner in which the work was completed ahead of time.
    Silvio Mucciarelli
  • The company is a family business, however they have plenty of other people to take care of your needs. Their estimate is done by Google earth and their representatives are very professional and helpful. The system they represent has an excellent 20 year warranty and provides a beautiful looking end result. Using this product is definitely a money saver when doing a flat tar and gravel roof replacement. I highly recommend them.
  • It's great to see local businesses such as Watertite Roofing - Specialists in Flat Roofing actively participating and helping the local community. Thank-you so much for your support this year at our BMX race track. We all do it for the kids!
    FALLS BMX PARK (Falls BMX Park)
  • Great responsiveness, good value and no hidden costs. Would not hesitate to recommend this company to anyone needing roof work. Chris Elgar of C Elgar Holdings Limited.
    Chris Elgar
  • After doing a lot of research on possible solutions for renewing an existing 35yr old low pitch corrugated metal roof on a pre-eng industrial building; a membrane overlay system was chosen as the most effective from a performance, cost and warranty standpoint. After engaging 3 local firms for proposals, it quickly became apparent that Watertite was by far the best solution to meet our needs. Their rep (Zak) was very easy to work with, maintained great communications, and was very professional/responsive to any questions or communications I had. Through the whole process (survey, quotation, project coordination/execution, and wrap-up), Watertite and their personnel were top notch with little inconvenience to the tenant. Definitely would not hesitate to highly recommend Watertite and the Duro-last membrane system.
    Dave Allan
  • The crew from Watertite Roofing did and amazing job. They were professional and friendly and worked hard to get the job done. Quality of work was fantastic. It even cost less than originally quoted and appreciated the honesty. Highly recommend this company.
    J. W.
  • Well, we started by looking for an award-winning roofing material that could withstand the harsh Canadian weather. Then we discover Dura-Last – the most advanced vinyl roofing material ever developed. In so doing we also discovered an award winning flat roofing installer, even recommended by Dura-Last themselves. Turns out Watertite Roofing is the best flat roofing installer in Canada, serving right here in Southern Ontario. Went to their office, and I couldn't believe the number of awards that they have received. Hall walls full of awards. Nobody gets that many awards unless you're real good. So we not only get an Award winning product to protect our commercial investment, but we get the award-winning installers to boot. Don't gamble with your commercial properties - Watertite Roofing; the flat roofing specialists.
    Don Cormier

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